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Plastic Free Hawai’i

Plastic Free Hawai’i is a coalition of community members and business owners that strives to educate the stores, schools restaurants, residents and visitors of Hawai’i on the environmental and health benefits of going plastic free in order to minimize the consumption and pollution of plastics in our islands.

Plastic Free Hawaii Goals:

  1. To minimize the consumption of single-use plastics.  Single use items include   plastic bags, food take-out containers, styrofoam, plastic utensils, water bottles, etc.
  2. To promote the human and environmental health benefits of going plastic free.
  3. To provide a list of cost effective alternatives to single-use plastics:  including re-usable bags and bottles, compostable bags and food wares.
  4. To support and assist local government in passing plastic free legislation.
  5. To keep the campaign tone positive and looking towards a healthier future, rewarding those that participate without condemning those that do not.

Recently I was able to help out with Plastic Free Haleiwa at the Hawaii Kai Farmers market. One of the great things in doing this is introducing these concepts and practices to our keikis.  Culture is about cultivating values and it starts with the keikis.

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