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Kona Brewing Company recently released it’s first organic beer which has been certified by the Hawaii Organic Farmer’s Assoc.  ”Oceanic Organic Saison” is a Belgian style wheat beer, and it’s only part of the company’s commitment to become one of the greenest breweries in the U.S.  In addition to their new organic beer, Kona Brewing has installed solar/PV panels in their Kailua-Kona brewery that are expect to generate over 50% of the operating power for the business.  Other green initiatives have been replacing dish soap with a non-toxic option, using soy based cups for company marketing functions, using food waste for animal feed and composting, and using locally grown & organic ingredients whenever possible.  CEO Mattson Davis stated that becoming green is a major part of Kona Brewing’s mission and says “It’s better for our guests, better for our business–and most of all, better for our planet.”  (Quote from Honolulu Weekly)  Now what could be better than beer that’s good for the planet?  I haven’t personally tried Oceanic Organic Saison but if you have let me know.  I will be back with my review once I find some!!

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