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I recently came across this photo of salvaged goods for sale in Cairo and also came across a blog that reminded me again that being green requires a new thought process that can be daunting and overwhelming at times.  The questions and responses below mirror the thoughts we all have as we find our Eco-consciousness but the responses make a good point, we can all make a difference and even small things count.  We all have things that we hold dear that we will not give up but there are many things we can all do to reduce waste.

  • The idea of reducing my waste makes me feel… I almost feel angry that I have to do this.  I look around and see all the rubbish in the street and on the beach and I think how much could I really help?  Yes, at times it is overwhelming to think “can this be recycled”, or I when have to throw away more things than I can recycle.   But then I stop, take a deep breath and think to myself: I’m already doing a good job, there’s no point in sweating the small stuff.
  • What keeps me from recycling/reducing more is… not knowing exactly whether something can be recycled or not and recycling that is limited to only 2 types of plastics, type 1 & 2. (Check the bottom of the container for the symbol in the triangle for the type of plastic.)  I know what can go at the curb and to the recycling depots, but what about the other stuff? Nearly all of the small plastic containers with butter, cream cheese, poki are type 5  or 6 plastics which could be recycled but are not part of the recycling program in Hawaii.
  • What does waste mean to you? Waste means I didn’t do a good enough job planning.  For example: meal planning. I made too much and had to throw away leftovers.  If  I can compost my leftovers  and composting food scraps for use in a garden it reduces a big part of the waste from the kitchen. Waste, for me also includes impulse shopping.  Yes, I’m guilty… I love to shop and I try to consciously try to pick more sustainable options like reusable packaging and shopping, rechargeable batteries, and a stainless steel water bottle.
  • One thing I can do right away to reduce my waste is… make a durable “to-go kit”. We eat out a couple of times a week; I can never finish all my food when we do, so I always have leftovers.  Instead of relying on the restaurant for those non recyclable plastic or worse yet, styrofoam, to-go containers, I need to make myself a to-go kit.  It could simply include a couple of various sized reusable containers with lids.  If I keep them either by the door or in my car (in a reusable bag) I’ll always have it handy and ready for those spur-of-the-moment trips when we decide to eat out.

So, how about each of you – how would you answer each of the questions above?

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