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I remember when I first started to feel the green, it was a normal day in the supply chain for me.  I had run out the door in a hurry and had to make a pitstop for a fast breakfast which came wrapped, rewrapped and packaged in stryofoam, foil, plastic.  In passing I noticed that it seemed like I received more packaging than food and wondered how that could be cost effective.

Off I went to purchase a new mouse for my computer.  Lo and behold it was the same deal – more packaging than mouse and this time it took industrial strength shears and determination to even get to the mouse.  Now I had actually thrown away more today than I kept, and in just two seemingly innocuous purchases.

As I headed up the Pali Highway to town I noticed a van in the right hand lane roll down a rear window and then to my horror two bags of McDonald’s styrofoam containers, straws, cups etc.  where thrown out onto the roadway.   I was shocked angry and yet there was nothing I could safely do to prevent or fix the situation.  After that day, I began to notice how much waste is inherent in our lifestyles, how much unncessary packaging there is, how simple things are not held in high regard.  I think most people have had experiences similar to mine, and I believe that this is what will actually start to make a difference in the choices that we make.

I pay attention when I buy and make a conscious decision to buy things that are less packaged, or in more earth-friendly packaging.  I think twice about anything that I’m going to throw away, can I fix it, can someone else use it, etc.?  I noticed that over time I started to re-value things in my life that I might have disposed of before.  It’s newly satisfying to me to “save” something, to re-energize something that would have been trashed before.

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  • Kira Goo:

    My “green aha moment” was when I realized how small choices I make can have big results. It started with simple things- like leaving a reusable bag in a visible place in my car, so that every time I go into the grocery store, I remember to take it with me. Or turning off the water when I’m brushing my teeth, even though it’s more “convenient” to leave it running.

    I think if we all had at least one green AHA moment in our lives, and made one small change as a result, the impacts would be far-reaching and awe-inspiring!

  • Kia`iokala:

    The overwhelming drive to consume forces many of us to discard ʻthingsʻ that are perfectly useable and likely have greater life spans. While it is nearly impossible to avoid this – it is important to make small daily changes and celebrate them. My efforts include small adjustments like running my dishwasher with a full load at mid day (this allows me to maximize use of solar generated power in my home) and consciously choosing take-out meals from places that use bio-degradable (particularly non-foam type) containers.

  • Bob808:

    The elementary school I went to really pushed us kids to recycle. All the teachers and staff were into it, and they made sure to explain to us why it was important.
    Good topic- got me thinking!! Aloha

  • Maile:

    My green moment of truth came after I had kids and you realize the amount of ” stuff” you waste and accumulate! When in reality kids dont need much.

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