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Get Quality Eco-Friendly Office Products Now For Your Hawaii Business

Check out our online store sections for Green Office Products that’ll make your Hawaii business the envy of your industry! Create a healthy workplace for all and help preserve our beautiful Islands for future generations.

Hawaii Green Office Products – Online Store Sections

Office Energy Conservation – Phantom Power, weatherization plus solutions to reduce energy use by refrigerators, air conditioning and other drains that make your business costs rise

Energy Efficient Lighting – Green office lighting and light bulbs, including LED & CFL bulbs, dimmable lighting and specialty solutions.

Water Conservation – Cut down on water use and waste in your office and that means lower water bills, too. Water conservation solutions for your drinking water and all other water outlets in your business.

Water Purity – Guarantee clean water for you and your staff. It’s not only healthier – it tastes better, too!

Green Office Cleaning Products – Clean Green! Eco-friendly & Toxic Free cleaners that’ll have your office shining. Plus you’ll know you did it the right way for our Islands’ environment.

Indoor Air Quality – Clean, pure air that’ll make it a pleasure to be in your office. Keep your staff healthy and make your place inviting for customers, too.

Recycling & Waste Reduction For Your Office – Shrink your trash footprint. Easy solutions for bottles and cans, recycling kits and tools, rechargable batteries and many other ways to reduce waste now.

Carbon Footprint Reduction – Your business can be carbon neutral with these carbon offsets and other ways that make your business lean and green.

Environmental Safety – Get alarms and detectors that’ll find threats to your health and the health of your staff. Plus Test Kits and more. Cut down on sick days and low energy now!

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